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Three States

"Three States"

1. Clergy → Those who work for the churches, priests, friars and anyone else who had an influence on the church.
- 130,000 people were from the clergy out of 27 millon
- 10% of the land belong to the Clergy
- They do not pay any taxes at all 


2. Nobles ⇒ Belonging to or constituting a geredetary class that has special social or political status in a country or state;
- 35,000 people were nobles, out of 27 million
- 25-30% land ownership
- They didnt pay tax because they were from the high class level
- People who were Kings-Royal, military. leaders or High church were from the ⇒ Nobles


3. Commoners ► Those who were Peasants
- They were the majority of population, almost all
- 75-80% consider peasents
- A Peasant was a Farmer, or a country person who works land
- Middle Class
- 8% of population
- Between all of the Commoners they belong like 65% of land
- They pay all of the taxes

1/3 of French population is POOR!!


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