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Napoleon Bonaparte 1769 - 1821

Napoleon Bonaparte Rise

Napoleon was borned in Corsica in 1769. His dad was a lawyer and he was educated in a militar school. He joined the french army. When he was 24 years old he became a Bridagier General. In 1796  he was commander of french army in Italy,where he forced Austria and its allies to make peace. He was stranded when his fleet was destroyed by the British at the Battle of the Nile. Napoleon returned to Paris where the government was in crisis. In a coup d'etat in November 1799, Napoleon became first consul. In 1802, he was made consul for life and two years later, emperor. He oversaw the centralisation of government, the creation of the Bank of France, the reinstatement of Roman Catholicism as the state religion and law reform with the Code Napoleon.

In 1800s Britain inflicted a naval defeat on the French at Trafalgar (1805) so Napoleon abandoned plans to invade England and turned on the Austro-Russian forces, defeating them at Austerlitz later the same year. He gained much new territory. In 1810, he had his childless marriage to Josephine de Beauharnais annulled and married the daughter of the Austrian emperor in the hope of having an heir. A son, Napoleon, was born a year later.

Domestic Policy

The church and Napoleon made peace and put catholic as official religion. He said that lands taken during the french revolution will remain as they are, EVERYONE WAS HAPPY.

Codification of the laws

He creates french laws(7 codes). Napoleonic Code= Everyone is equal before the law.Right to choose a profession, right to choose a religion.

Napoleon's Fall

Reason # 1 Great Britain Survival - Strongest Army

He made an strategy called the Continental System, in this strategy he stop trading all the countries to try to get rid of Great Britain by thinking they would not havy anyone to trade. This strategy did not work. Great Britain started trading with Latin America and Middle East .

Reason # 2 Nationalism

French ideas spread through all Europe , the nationalism.

Russian Campaign

In 1812 Napoleon sent 600,000 soldiers to Russia trying to conquer them. The Russian strategy was to retreat and burning all villages and everything to make the french army die by staving . The russian strategy little by little started working and the great army started to decrease by soldiers, they were diying. When french soldiers arrived to Moscow, the city was burning  and the winter started, the french were not prepared for winter and they did not have supplies. The soldiers retreat and only 40,000 survive from 600,000.

Napoleon Exile

He was exiled from France because of what happened in Russia. He was sent off to Elba,Italy. Louis XVIII new king. Napoleon returned and he again took the power kicking out Louis XVIII .

Last Battle

Waterloo,Belgium       Napoleon vs Great Britain , Prussians , Napoleon was all defeated now.

Final Exile

Island os St.Helena where he spent all the rest of his life