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French Revolution War

First of all the revolution cause was because they didnt like how Louis XVI ruled, so one day in the National Assembly the commoners were argueing that they shouldnt be paying all of the taxes, but the Clergy and the King did not pay attention to them. So they get furious and went out and say to their selfs, If we are more than them we can make an independence.

Bastille Day July 14, 1789
- Prision and weapons                         - Marquis de Launay, Director
- 800-1000 commoners attacked,      - 114 guards at the Bastille
- 98 die                                                      - 1 die
            Many of the guards changed sides to the commoners

Revolution Begins
-  Revolutions break out all of france
- Militias - Civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular Army. They accept to fight to the french army eventhough they knew they could die trying it.

- King refuses to accept NA as a governmental body.

1st Mayor act
- Abolish Monarchy!! No king
- Establish 1st French Republic
                   Republic → supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
- They behead the King
- Guillotine
Regin of Terror
- worried about foreign and Domestic Threats
- everyone that speaks bad for the Revolution was executed on the guillotine.
- 1794 ends