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Estates General - National Assembly

Estates General

The Estates General assembly were representing the nobles, the Clergy, and the common people. They made this Assembly with King Lous XVI to propose solutions to their governement's financial problems. The Estates General last from May to June in 1789 but came to an end when the three states clashed over their respective powers. It came to an end when many members of the Third Estate( commoners) formed themselves into the National Assembly.


National Assembly

After the Third Estate ( commoners) left the Estates General, they made the National Assembly. On June 20, 1789 National Assembly members take Tennis Court Oath, asking them  to create new constitution. King Louis did not like the National Assembly. The assembly, however, had grown too strong, and the king was forced to recognize the group. This Assembly made the King's power to decrease by making their own constitution.




national assembly

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