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French Revolution


 The French Revolution began in 1789 with the convocation of the Estates General in May.This Revolution was one of the most violent in history. The Revolution created new political order and social order. They did not like how Louis XVI ruled,that's why they did the revolution.


Two causes of french revolution were


-Long Range


-27 million of people in France


3 social classes include : Clergy, Nobles and Commoners


They were classified by their










Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte- 1769-1821


Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica next to Italy. He went to France and his most difficult problem was to try to speak like them. His knowledge of militar led him to gain the power and be the emperor of France. He had the greatest army and all the french people liked him because he was helping France, but the other allies  did not like him so much, because he did not help them so much.


His ambicious thinkings of trying to conquer all countries led him to his rise and fall of his empire.




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